Jorge Marinho

Jorge Marinho is an actor, storyteller and cultural producer. He holds an MA (2021) and a degree (2019) in Theatre Arts from the University of Brasília, Brazil. Currently, he researches with an emphasis on actor's praxis, on theatre philosophy and performative aesthetics, from the point of view of acting, as well as with an emphasis on theoretical and practical articulation of potentialities and multiple compossibilities existing between the actor’s and the storyteller’s artistic crafts, in light of contemporary idiosyncrasies and technologies.

He also has a background in Acting for Theatre at Companhia da Ilusão in Brasília (2014) and in Acting for Film at the International Film Academy Rio de Janeiro (2020). At Coletiva Teatro, he is an actor, co-creator and collaborator in the group's shows, productions and researches, and works as a storyteller in schools, libraries, companies, cultural events, conferences and festivals, nationally and internationally, online and in person.

Laboratório Criação em Coletivo para a Cena
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro (UnB), Brasília - DF
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