Luar de Contos
(Moonlight Tales)

Under the moonlight, in a playful and cozy mood in the outdoors of the Cultural Center of the Bank of Brasília (CCBB), Luar de Contos brings moments of entertainment and self-reflection through three traditional tales suitable for an adult audience. Saturday’s program includes “The Man Who Never Laughed”; and the Sunday program includes “The Fisherman” and “Not Even God is Ripe Enough to Catch a Woman in Love”...

O Amor que Habito
(The Love I Live In)

This play is about the meeting with one’s soul in times of liquid modernity. Inspired by the writings of José Saramago, Arthur Schopenhauer, Zygmunt Bauman, Michael A. Singer and Luiz Felipe Pondé, to tell this story, Coletiva Teatro invites a doorman addicted to coffee, an obstinate gravedigger, a pleasant old lady and a girl completely in love to join the actors and their love encounters and dis-encounters.

Uma Sonata Familiar
(A Family Sonata)

This amazing play is an offspring of Coletia Teatro, from University of Brasília and Texas State University, USA. Directors, actors, technicians and designers came together for an artistic residency at Texas State University to perform an original production.

Contos de Sal e Sortilégio
(Tales of Salt and Sorcery)

In this storytelling session for adults, Jorge Marinho presents “The Fisherman and his Wife”, by the Grimm Brothers, and “The Lion and the Hunter”, a traditional african tale. Two stories, two realities but both reflecting universal human weaknesses, such as presumptuousness and covetousness...

Laboratório Criação em Coletivo para a Cena
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro (UnB), Brasília - DF
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