Pedro Lopesi

Pedro was born in Brasília but his palm-oiled soul comes from the state of Bahia. He always wanted to be a biologist, since he loved animals more than people, but felt the blood pumping through his veins when the subject was art.

In 2012 he followed his passion for animals and graduated in Biology at the University of Brasília (UnB). By chance, destiny brought him back to the arts and in 2014 he began his graduate course in Theatre Arts at UnB.

In 2015 he is invited to participate in the research group Criação em Coletivo para a Cena and group theatre Coletiva Teatro.

In 2016 he begins his first research on the actor’s vulnerability. He grows fond of the subject and deepens his investigation applying his findings to clowning with his clown Baú. His fascination with the power of vulnerability as a technical tool for the actor continues to grow and he is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in the Graduate Program in Theatre Arts at UnB researching “The systematization of Vulnerability as a Technical Tool for the Actor in Coletiva Teatro”.

Laboratório Criação em Coletivo para a Cena
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro (UnB), Brasília - DF
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